Grades: Something Teachers Give or Something Students Earn

26 Mar

Dear Colleagues:

Below are some online articles regarding grading in a college classroom. I would like to see your comments after reading these articles.

“Alternative Grading for the College Classroom” by Maryellen Weimer

“Avoiding Grade Appeals” by Jason B. Jones

“Grading Classroom Participation Rhetorically” by Ryan Cordell

“Undergraduate Grades, 2007-8” from National Postsecondary Student Aid Study

“Grade Inflation and Abdication” by John V. Lombardi

“A Stab at Deflating Grades” by Doug Lederman

“In Praise of Grade Inflation” by Joshua Kim

“Why Grading is My Job” by Leonard Cassuto

“How To Crowdsource Grading” by Cathy Davidson

“Getting Out of Grading” by Scott Jaschik

“A Better Way to Grade” by Steven J. Corbett

“One Measure of a Professor: Students’ Grades in Later Courses” by David Glenn

“Remaking the Grade, From A to D” by Douglas B. Reeves

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