Students and New Technologies

18 Apr

It is often assumed that students have used all of the technologies available in the classroom and are already familiar with them by the time we see them. In reality, students of any age have varying levels of comfort with new technologies. Many are baffled when an interface changes and familiar functions have moved to unfamiliar places. When considering technical tools to use in the classroom – be it real or virtual – consider students’ comfort levels and experience.

Skills required for success in online courses……


Computer Skill Questions You Can Ask Your Students:


  • Do you have good typing skills?
  • Are you comfortable with a mouse?
  • Are you familiar with a windows operating system?
  • Are you familiar with online discussion lists/email?
  • Are you a proficient Internet User?


Learning Style—How do you learn (think like a student)?


  • Can you adapt to learning through a new medium?
  • Is conversation important to you?  Do you learn by listening?
  • Do you have strong reading comprehension skills?  Lots of reading involved!
  • Do you follow instructions well?  Are you an independent thinker?
  • Do you need to ask a lot of questions?  Do you need immediate feedback from your instructor?
  • Do you have strong time management skills?
  • Do you need to feel you’re part of a class?



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