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What is ClassConnect?

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Students’ Awareness of Their Library

The American Federation of Teachers ( provided resources to enhance the classroom experience for students and teachers. In American Teacher, there is an article about tapping the school library. I just want to share some of their suggestions and add my two cents.

As a teacher/instructor:

  • Build time into your lesson plan to visit the library or have the librarian attend your classroom
  • Sit in on students’ tutorials/information instructional sessions (confirmation from a teacher about the information shared during the session is a great way to show collaboration between the classroom and library) 
  • Link the library’s website to your classroom website
  • Make sure that the library have enough resources to support your class assignment

What do you think librarians can do to enhance the learning experience for students?


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Have you used Wordle before? As a tool for the classroom this is pretty cool. You can build word clouds from any piece of text. It’s free! 

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I was visiting a library’s website and noticed a unique avatar on the librarian’s profile. The avatar can be created by going to  Voki is a free service that allows anyone to create a personalized speaking avatar and use it on your blog, profile, and in e-mail messages.

Example: Image

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Office 2010

If you or your students are having problems with Microsoft Office 2010, go to GCF (Goodwill Community Foundation) offer free online tutorials for everyone.


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Online Portfolio

One way to create a portfolio is through It’s free which is important for job seekers or students. You won’t have quite the level of customization as you would with WordPress, but it has a more plug and play feel. Here are a couple of librarian examples from the site: and This information was shared to me by a colleague on a group discussion board. I created a professional portfolio using WordPress.

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Technology in Education

Helpful Books about Technology in Education

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