Online Portfolio

17 May

One way to create a portfolio is through It’s free which is important for job seekers or students. You won’t have quite the level of customization as you would with WordPress, but it has a more plug and play feel. Here are a couple of librarian examples from the site: and This information was shared to me by a colleague on a group discussion board. I created a professional portfolio using WordPress.

Additional Information:

“ePortfolio HOW.” ePortfolios For All: A Roadmap for Success. City University of Hong Kong, 2009-2011. Web. 19 Apr, 2012. <>

Cambridge, Darren.Electronic Portfolios 2.0: Emergent Research on Implementation and Impact.Sterling: Stylus, 2009. Print.

Foster, Bill. A Beginning Teaching Portfolio Handbook: Documenting and Reflecting on Your Professional Growth and Abilities. Upper Saddle River: Pearson, 2007. Print.

Friedman, Delores. Creating and Presenting an Early Childhood Education Portfolio: A Reflective Approach. Belmont: Wadsworth, 2012. Print.


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