The Race for Digital Technology

08 Jun

“Digital Textbooks Open a New Chapter”

This article was published on October 18, 2011. The author discussed the race to education between South Korea and the United States.  The plan for South Korea is to provide “Smart Education”. “Smart Education” consists of wireless networks, digitizing every textbook, providing a variety of mobile devices in every classroom, and online learning. In fact, South Korea is planning to digitize all textbooks by 2015. They believe that students are tech-friendly and will prefer digital technology.  The United States announced the “Digital Promise” ( “Digital Promise” consists of using technology to advance the teaching and learning experience.  I love the question brought up in the article “Another question is whether technology in the classroom is what really makes a difference” (Gary).

My question is …….What is the status of these two projects (“Smart Education” and “Digital Promise”) now?

Washington Post Article about “Smart Education”

The Daily Texan Article about Digital Promise



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