CIL 2013 – Evolving Community Engagement (Brent Leary)

10 May

Evolving Community Engagement: What Would Amazon & Google Do?
Brent Leary, Partner, CRM Essentials, author of upcoming book The Amazon Effect

We know that the pace of technology in increasing. There are more iPhones than there are babies being born and 400,000 apps per minute being downloaded since last year.
• ESPN created a new site-March Madness on Demand–a whole social community around the game. The website brought their television viewership up, and engaged more participants.
• Amazon provides virtual experiences without you ever talking to a person. Amazon watches the people’s behavior. 82% of Amazon Prime members buy on Amazon even if the item is less expensive somewhere else (Brand loyalty). Amazon Effect: People don’t buy from companies. People buy based on good experience.
How can this information be applicable to libraries? Libraries can create the same sort of brand loyalty Amazon has by watching patron’s behavior inside and outside the library.
1. Libraries have a great opportunity to create the right environment for their community.
a. Community focused programming allows libraries to create a community online/offline that will last for the long haul.
2. Libraries must ask the “What If” question. This process will open up the possibilities never thought of before.
a. What if the library creates collaboration workspace for patrons?
b. What if the library can change the viewpoint of non-library users?
3. Libraries can create mutual relationships. The patron adds value to your organization — it is a mutual relationship.
If libraries are fast enough to provide good customer service and new services, then patrons will respond. It’s not just about improving the libraries engagement with the patron–it’s about improving their life experience.

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