CIL 2013 – Becoming TechCentral

20 May

Presenters: Anastasia Diamond-Ortiz, Knowledge Manager; CJ Lyne, TechCentral Manager and Olivia Hoge, TechCentral Coordinator

Cleveland Library TechCentral – Opened in 2012
Cleveland Public Library –

Old design:
1. 60 public computers in 2 buildings
2. 9 computer locations
3. 2 signup stations
Not flexible, efficient, interesting or friendly
Need to consolidate, strong desire to inspire

New design:
1. 90 public computers in 1 building
2. Highly flexible space
3. digital projected signage
4. mascot on signage
5. 7K square feet space
6. Mobile furniture
7. TechCentral is divided into 5 zones as shown below, according to usage:

TechCentral - Floor Layout

TechCentral – Floor Layout

1. Learning space where people can get help (Learners and teachers are on equal footing next to each other at a table).
2. Play – An exhibit of devices for users to play with. This area lets people experience an iPad, Kindle, etc. Staffs are stationed there to help.
3. Connect -A place for people to get help with their new devices.
4. Create – An area where people can set up new devices, etc.
5. Get things done – Space and computer for people to work.

What Services Do They Offer?

Tech Toy Box – device lending program for patrons to check out & learn (Problem: eventually all devices went missing)
Tech Tool Box – device lending program for library staff to check out & learn
myCloud – personalized virtual desktop that allows users to save data & access at later time – required 1 hour orientation for users (mechanics, legality of activity, etc) – loaded onto laptop with 3 hour checkout – laptops stop working if device leaves library campus
3D printer service – patrons drop off model program, library staff puts into queue & prints out for patron (2-3 days to 2-3 weeks, depending on size of queue), charge by the gram – encourage patrons to use Thingiverse for ready-to-print model schematics before trying to use Sketchup
Maker Kits – K’Nex kit, SnapCircuits kit, LittleBits kits, monotrons kits – patrons can check out kits to experiment with creativity & building things
Makerlabs – 1-1.5 hours – specific targeted process/project (custom 3D cookie cutters from that is taught by staff & gives patron an object they can take home – patrons tend to help each other with learning process – video slideshow, digital kaleidoscope abstract art, font making lab
Digital graffiti wall – laptop + projector + webcam + laser pointer + Laser Tag 2.0 program (

What’s Next?

Tech Toy Box 3.0 – 3 hour in-house-use devices + tiered at-home checkouts
Electronics Soldering Lab – this summer
Create Space – expand & create dedicated space for maker labs
Spread Tech Central to other branches
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