Controversial and Current Issues: General Websites

13 Sep

Pro-Con Websites is a non-profit education web site that pulls together excerpts of arguments on both sides of controversial issues. Overviews of issues, key questions, and links or references to the sources are included. Sources are rated for credibility.

You Debate 

Source for pro and con debates on controversial issues.

Public Opinion Websites

The Gallup Organization
This web site includes the results of opinion polls conducted in the United States. Much of the information is free, but there is also a premium subscription area.

The Polling Report 

An independent, nonpartisan resource on trends in American public opinion.

Public Agenda 

Public Agenda provides unbiased and unparalleled research that bridges the gap between American leaders and what the public really thinks about issues ranging from education to foreign policy to immigration to religion and civility in American life.

Science & Technology Websites 

For a wide-variety of scientific topics in the news, you can find articles and links to other resources

Statistics and Government Information Websites

Links to statistics from over 100 U.S. federal agencies.


Provides access to U.S. Government documents.

Homeland Security 

Official site for the Department of Homeland Security.

HotDocs:Government Documents in the News 

From Columbia University Libraries. “Full Text documents or reports on major governmental activities.” A little out of date. The last entry is from a year ago.

Public Policy Issues and Groups

Covers many issues and included links for government sites, indexes and directories, interest-group and other political sites, news and media coverage, research centers and other educational sites, and statistics.

Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics 

Data from more than 100 sources about criminal justice in the U.S.

U.S. Census Bureau 

Find census information on Economics, Population, Housing, and more.

Almanac of Policy Issues 

“The Almanac of Policy Issues is an independent public service not affiliated with any particular issue or cause;” it attempts “… to present all sides of each issue and to do so in an unbiased, journalistic format.” Includes links to over 70 topics.

Alternative Press Center (APC) 

“The Alternative Press Center (APC) is a non-profit collective dedicated to providing access to and increasing public awareness of the alternative press.” Includes links to over 425 publications.

American Civil Liberties Union

This organization’s mission is to defend the civil rights of all Americans, both citizens and noncitizens.

CRS Reports 

“The Congressional Research Service is the public policy research arm of Congress.” This University of NorthTexas Libraries site makes some of the CRS reports available to the general public.

Ethics Updates

Links to Controversial Issues under “Applied Ethics”.

Internet Public Library (IPL) 

Links to over 40 social issue/social welfare websites, most of which are associations for specific causes/issues. Also links to IPL sub-pages for animal rights, crime, disabilities, housing/poverty, human rights, hunger, literacy, philanthropy/social service, public safety, and social work.

Social Issues 

A collection of websites on social issues compiled by Multnomah County Library.

U.S. News & World Report


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