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Students’ Awareness of Their Library

The American Federation of Teachers ( provided resources to enhance the classroom experience for students and teachers. In American Teacher, there is an article about tapping the school library. I just want to share some of their suggestions and add my two cents.

As a teacher/instructor:

  • Build time into your lesson plan to visit the library or have the librarian attend your classroom
  • Sit in on students’ tutorials/information instructional sessions (confirmation from a teacher about the information shared during the session is a great way to show collaboration between the classroom and library) 
  • Link the library’s website to your classroom website
  • Make sure that the library have enough resources to support your class assignment

What do you think librarians can do to enhance the learning experience for students?


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Leadership in the Classroom

Mandela:  His 8 Lessons of Leadership by Richard Steele – Time Magazine, July 21, 2008, pgs 43-48

 “The world’s greatest moral leader reflects on a lifetime of service-and what the rest of us can learn from it.”

 1.)          Courage is not the absence of fear-it’s inspiring others to move beyond it.

 2.)          Lead from the front-but don’t leave your base behind.

 3.)          Lead from the back-and let others believe they are in front.

 4.)         Know your enemy-and learn about his favorite sport.

 5.)          Keep your friends close-and your rivals closer.

 6.)          Appearances matter-and remember to smile.

 7.)          Nothing is black or white.

 8.)          Quitting is leading too.


My graduate professor shared this list with me in my Library Management course. Today, I try to apply these leadership skills in my classroom.

N.L. McBeth

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My Checklist

“Your ASAP List”

Rob Weir suggests steps for the new instructor to take now to avoid chaos later in the classroom.

“How to Create Presentations that Don’t Suck”

Melanie Pinola provides tips for creating a presentation. My favorite tip deals with reducing the information on your PowerPont slide (Problem 1: Too Many Ideas on One Slide).

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