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Flipped Classroom Revisited

Back in 2012, I posted about the Flipped Classroom trend (Teaching Style – Real World/Flipped Classroom). This trend started 10 years ago and need 96 percent of teachers using “flipped learning”. The trend has became a pedagogical approach for student engagement.  Jon Bergmann and Arron Sams, the creators of this trend, has created a network for teacher called The Flipped Learning Network (FLN; This nonprofit network provides teachers with resources needed to implement a flipped classroom. Teachers when you get a chance, visit and check out my previous blog posting Teaching Style – Real World/Flipped Classroom.


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CIL 2016 -Innovation & the Knowledge Ecosystem: Opening Keynote

Innovation & the Knowledge Ecosystem — Dave Snowden, Cognitive Edge  (presenter)

There are three necessary preconditions to innovation:

  1. Starvation
    1. A shortage of resources where usually there is abundance.
  2. Pressure
    1. An immediate and relentless demand for resolution of the scarcity – a changing world.
  3. Perspective Shift
    1. New ways of thinking about the problem.

Direct video to Keynote Presentation —

Food for Thought:

  • How can libraries be more innovative so they are recognized as having an impact on knowledge ecosystem?
  • How can libraries help others innovate more?
  • How can libraries gain new perspectives and types of thinking?



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Search Engines


You can find links to more than 100 search engines and read a description of every search engine. The list is sorted by categories (All-Purpose, Accounting, Bit Torrent, Blog, Books, Business, Email, Enterprise, Forum, Games, Human Search, International, Job,  Legal, Maps,  Medical, MetaSearch,  MultiMedia,  News,  Open Source,  People,  Q & A,  Real Estate, School, Scientific, Shopping, Source Code, Usenet, and Visual Search Engines).





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Free Alternatives to Microsoft Word

  1. Apache OpenOffice  ( – open source version of word processing.
  2. LibreOffice ( – another open source version of word processing.
  3. AbiWord ( – another open source version of word processing that runs on many different operating systems.

What does open source mean?  Definition from Wikipedia – Open Source



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Technology Education: Recommended Websites

Common Craft Series


Video tutorials about Internet-related technologies.



Grade focus is K-12, the website strives to increase communication between content creators and content users. This collaboration will encourage a wide range of educational and technology conversations.



The website is from NPR’s KQED station. This website provides information, research, and ideas for using technology in the classroom for all grade levels.

 nlsm Read the rest of this entry »

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Six Word Stories

Six Word Stories can be use as an ice breaker for instructors.

Six Word Stories allow people to be creative with words and would be ideal for our short meeting time.  If you are not familiar with six word stories then here are some sites to visit.

Link to the website: Six Word Stories

Article about Six Word Stories:  New Yorker Magazine


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Scholarly Journals & Other Periodicals at Your Library

A periodical is anything that is published (or issued) on a regular basis. A daily newspaper, a weekly news magazine, a monthly journal, and an annual book series are all examples of periodicals. Below is a short tutorial by Georgia Perimeter College Libraries that will help you and your students to tell the difference between the many types of periodicals available in a library.


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