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CIL 2016 -Innovation & the Knowledge Ecosystem: Opening Keynote

Innovation & the Knowledge Ecosystem — Dave Snowden, Cognitive Edge  (presenter)

There are three necessary preconditions to innovation:

  1. Starvation
    1. A shortage of resources where usually there is abundance.
  2. Pressure
    1. An immediate and relentless demand for resolution of the scarcity – a changing world.
  3. Perspective Shift
    1. New ways of thinking about the problem.

Direct video to Keynote Presentation —

Food for Thought:

  • How can libraries be more innovative so they are recognized as having an impact on knowledge ecosystem?
  • How can libraries help others innovate more?
  • How can libraries gain new perspectives and types of thinking?



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CIL 2013- Enabling Innovation

Enabling Innovation
Presenters: James King, Jill Hurst Wahl, and Heather Braum

James King presentation was focused on the “The Innovator’s DNA: Mastering the Five Skills of Disruptive Innovators” by Clayton Christensen (
5 Discovery Skills:
• Associating – connecting seemingly unrelated questions, problems, or ideas from difference fields
• Questioning – asking questions to understand how things really are today, why they are that way, and how they might be changed or disrupted
• Observing – carefully watching the world to help gain insights into and ideas for new ways of doing things
• Experimenting – constantly visiting new places, trying new things, seeking new information, and experimenting to learn new things
• Networking – going out of the way to meet people with wildly different backgrounds and perspectives to extend your own knowledge

This session generated ideas on innovative actions that could be taken this year in order to remain relevant with a library’s target audiences. Below is a list of ideas created from this session by the attendees:
• Personalize the web site for each user
• eContent vending machines
• open database access to the community with no authentication required
• Give up classification systems and let patrons shelve books where it makes sense to them
• Adjust culture to “yes” as a default, rather than “no”
• Kill failing projects rather than letting them linger
• Loan mobile devices
• Optimize to ePubs formats
• Provide iPod based content
• Make site and service more personal rather than institutional (apply a name and a face to the services rather than a generic organizational name)

My brain storming ideas –
• Outreach to Non-Library Users
o Leave the library building (remove the warehouse mindset)
 Create community topic groups
 Create community focused workshops/programs (how to use devices for research)
• Create partnerships with business and IT professionals
o Share new technology
o Get outside funding to purchase new technology


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