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You can find links to more than 100 search engines and read a description of every search engine. The list is sorted by categories (All-Purpose, Accounting, Bit Torrent, Blog, Books, Business, Email, Enterprise, Forum, Games, Human Search, International, Job,  Legal, Maps,  Medical, MetaSearch,  MultiMedia,  News,  Open Source,  People,  Q & A,  Real Estate, School, Scientific, Shopping, Source Code, Usenet, and Visual Search Engines).





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Computers in Libraries 2013 (CIL 2013)-

Super Searcher Secrets —

Presenter – Mary Ellen Bates

CIL 2013 – Super Searcher Secrets


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Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha has redesigned its homepage. Wolfram Alpha is a knowledge search engine I use it to assist my children with their math homework.

The new homepage is interactive for browsers or fact junkies like me. A person can click one of the hand drawn icons and a prefilled search box appears.

Searchers now can create a free Wolfram Alpha to save search history, annotate queries, and copy results in plain text.


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DuckDuckGo – Search Engine

Are you looking for a new search engine…. try

DuckDuckGo has an interesting setting option that lets searchers use Web of Trust (WOT) ratings next to each result instead of favicons.

  1. begin your search
  2. click on “More”, a drop down menu will appear
  3. click on “Setting”
  4. click on the drop down menu of “Site Icons”
  5. Select “Just WOT (trust) ratings” — There is an option for “ALL WOT and favions (both)”.

The WOT ratings are based on a traffic light model with red for low, yellow for medium, and green for high level of trust.

Clicking an icon will link to more details from WOT.


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