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Flipped Classroom Revisited

Back in 2012, I posted about the Flipped Classroom trend (Teaching Style – Real World/Flipped Classroom). This trend started 10 years ago and need 96 percent of teachers using “flipped learning”. The trend has became a pedagogical approach for student engagement.  Jon Bergmann and Arron Sams, the creators of this trend, has created a network for teacher called The Flipped Learning Network (FLN; This nonprofit network provides teachers with resources needed to implement a flipped classroom. Teachers when you get a chance, visit and check out my previous blog posting Teaching Style – Real World/Flipped Classroom.


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What is ClassConnect?

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New Journal

Hybrid Pedagogy: A Digital Journal on Teaching and Technology is a new digital journal that connects teaching and technology in the classroom. They are accepting shor-form articles (approxiamately 1000 words). You can submit an article on their website  


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So You Want to Teach

Information Specialists looking for teaching opportunities at a community college should not be discouraged by this article. I am the perfect example of having both worlds (library and teaching careers). Before I graduated from library school, I talked with a computer technologies instructor and found out that I could teach computer/information technology courses with 18 hours of graduate credits. My last courses in library school focused on information technologies. I am also the chairperson on the Computer Applications Advisory Committee, so I was already assisting computer/business technology students in the library. Another plus, my undergraduate study was business administration.

My advice:

1. Talk with the department chair or a full time instructor in your field of interest. Let them know that you are interested in teaching.

2. Try to join an Advisory committee that focus on your field of interest

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