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Free Alternatives to Microsoft Word

  1. Apache OpenOffice  ( – open source version of word processing.
  2. LibreOffice ( – another open source version of word processing.
  3. AbiWord ( – another open source version of word processing that runs on many different operating systems.

What does open source mean?  Definition from Wikipedia – Open Source



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Hello world!

Welcome to Librarian in the Classroom. My name is N. Leverne McBeth and I am a librarian who teaches business technology at a community college. This blog is a resource for computer and business technology instructors. I will share my experience from the classroom and also share library resources that will enhance the classroom experience.

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Courses Taught:

CPT 174 (Microcomputer Spreadsheets) – This course introduces the use of spreadsheet software on the microcomputer. Topic include creating, editing, use formulas, using fuctions, and producing graphs.
Spring 2012

CPT 179 (Microcomputer Word Processing) –
This course introduces microcomputer word processing and desktop publishing. Topics include creating, editing, formatting, and printing documents and publications.
Fall 2011

CPT 178 (Software Applications) – Using electronic spreadsheet and relational data base management software programs, this course focuses on complex microcomputer applications.
Fall 2011, Spring 2012

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