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Creating a Timeline

I am working on a timeline project for my library. I am using to create an interactive timeline.

Their website states “Timelines offer teachers a fun and engaging way of teaching children about historic events. Kids nowadays tend to be very computer literate and may therefore get more out of creating a timeline about a particular event in history rather than simply reading about it in a book.”

Tiki-toki offers a free version and you don’t have to download any special software.


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The Race for Digital Technology

“Digital Textbooks Open a New Chapter”

This article was published on October 18, 2011. The author discussed the race to education between South Korea and the United States.  The plan for South Korea is to provide “Smart Education”. “Smart Education” consists of wireless networks, digitizing every textbook, providing a variety of mobile devices in every classroom, and online learning. In fact, South Korea is planning to digitize all textbooks by 2015. They believe that students are tech-friendly and will prefer digital technology.  The United States announced the “Digital Promise” ( “Digital Promise” consists of using technology to advance the teaching and learning experience.  I love the question brought up in the article “Another question is whether technology in the classroom is what really makes a difference” (Gary).

My question is …….What is the status of these two projects (“Smart Education” and “Digital Promise”) now?

Washington Post Article about “Smart Education”

The Daily Texan Article about Digital Promise



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Library Connect Newsletter

The Library Connect Newsletter is about marketing the library and features a number of articles from fellow librarians about what they’re doing to promote to their various constituents. It’s a free publication (ISSN 1549-3725) that comes out three times per year for any information professional who’s interested.


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What’s Your Electronic Device?

Do you remember this device? It changed my life in college. I could see my paper on a screen and save it on a floppy drive.

Now I own a laptop. It has changed the way I assist students in the library and in the classroom. I can pick up my laptop and walk to a student and do searches in seconds (library catalog or database).

When a student in a classroom needs assistance; I don’t have to disturb the other students.  I just pull out my laptop and sit next to the student and walk through the problem. Next semester, I will be using a tablet to assist students in the library. Instead of being glued to the reference/information desk, I can walk about with the tablet. 

Technology is changing the way librarians are assisting students. I wonder how students are using technology for educational purposes. What electronic device is changing their life? I run across this interesting infographic on how technology is changing college life